Michal Hodur

Michal Hodur

DevOps Engineer handling complicate stuff efficiently. I work with Linux on a daily basis, sometimes on Windows. I love elementaryOS.


Software development


RC Cars

Mobile technology


DevOps Engineer @ Polkomtel Infrastruktura
(2020 – onwards)
Development of software supporting diagnostics for telecom industry. Running and deploying software, management of infrastructural cloud.

Python Developer @ PKO Bank Polski S.A.
(2019 – 2020)
Python software developer for one of the leading polish banks. Developing software for Account Information Services and Payment Initiation Services. Middlewares for Access-To-Account services for clients of PKO BP allowing to display data in IKO mobile application as well as serving data for credit ability evaluation purposes. Support of PSD2 Compliance API

Python Developer / Data Mining Specialist @ rentier.io
(2018 – 2019)
Support of data scraping processes from external data sources – APIs and live websites. Development of backend API. Development of investment valuation software for consumers and B2B. Designer of service for Ernst&Young providing mean rent and mean sale price per square meter in 500×500 meter chunks of the territory of Poland..

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